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  • Luís Peazê

High Sea Poetry & Knots

Press Release

“High Sea Poetry & Knots”

Poesia em Alto Mar & Nós

Bilingue English / Portuguese

Luis Peazê

Oct 1st pre-release on Sale!

Nov. 1st Release, Lisbon, 2018

For Immediate Release

How often men and women strugles to understand the flow of life through their inner and intimacy, bitter moments and sweetness. Few places can hold all this together and unfold enlightment as the sea does. The high sea as a stage for metaphorical poems not accidentaly inspired in its most recurrent elements, that are the water, wind and breeze, calm and storm, rain, night and day, morning and sunset. From the author´s passion for the sea environment and experience as a sailor.

Poet Luis Peazê masterfully approaches those serious questions of human integrity, as well as the small odd moments our realities may share, in his brilliant new poetry book, High Sea Poetry & Knots - Poesia em Alto Mar & Nós bilingue English / Portuguese.

“We love your poems” – PoetryZine, DownUnder

“Wonderful work” – Anchor Bankside Saloon

“Emotion and imagery while unique yet universal”

Helen Bhudy (first reader bought online pre-sale)

High Sea Poetry & Knots - Poesia em Alto Mar & Nós is a 110 page poetry collection. Available in paperback and ebook (Kindle ande Pub formats) with a retail price of $5.38 and $1.99 respectively.

ISBN 1941058809 Published by Capt Lui Books.

Available now pre release sale of ebook, before Nov 1st the launching day of the in print.

For information or to request a review copy, contact:

Luis Peazê - Writer, Journalist and Translator

Acclaimed translator, including among his works "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway, Bertrand Publisher; above all a go-ahead person, entrepreneur, health enthusiast and environmentalist, boating, knotting, culinary, wine, and coffee... In his early age started to write poems; fastforwar, in 2001 he was listed in the Brazilian Literature Encyclopedia as writer, journalist, and translator. His own titles number a dozen; from adventure and novel to sport, medicine to chronicle & journalism, poetry, and environment. More about the author at

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