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Alvidia, Dr. Martens #worndifferent, Yet Another Horizon

DR. MARTENS CUSTOMIZATION TOUR - THE GRIGGS BROTHAS hitting the road for an eight-stop customization tour across America, with a lineup of artists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Mission: to create one-of-a-kind boots and shoes for Dr. Martens customers.

Chris and Clayton Griggs, collectively known as The Griggs Brothas, are NYC-based fashion designers and co-founders of the clothing line LFANT, which stands for “Live Free Above Negative Thinking.” The twins’ work is inspired by Rastafarian principles and draws from their love of “Roots and Culture.” We brought them to Dr. Martens Union Square in New York for the third stop of the Customization Tour - custom embroidery for NYC customers and much more creative work.

I´m sorry I don´t see the difference I am afraid.

Hum! So I thought when first heard about the concept of living free above negative thinking: how to put so many pieces together in this current fractal world sorting out only the good ones discharging the bad?

Tough task and another exposed free use heuristic needed opposing to the increasing application of hidden algorithms pinfolding headless horde.

I see a little better now.

Everytime man invent a new rose, the man on the other side of the street can invent disruptive ideas, if you are up to change the world.

The beginning is always the best place to start.

Forget about it. Here is s short cut: just go for your dream, find a simple one to make it to come true. It is ok to wear fancy stuff, play different characters, to entertain your mind if you get tired but you better stay focus instead, do not waste time. Last piece of advise: all the unnatural you see with your eyes are mostly bad or unreal, which is the same; so find the real good things inside yourself and go for. Start with love, for instance.

Talking about releasing Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon during the London Book Fair, (10 - 12 April) it reminds me I bought a pair of Dr. Martens right while landing in Melbourne and Alvidia was still a dream - soon it would come true and I could not imagine it was going to be the way it happened all together.

It was 1993, Helga and I had our friend Ulisses abreast and the hotel my new partners put us in was some how depressing. So I decided to rent a nice flat in roder to lift the moral, it had to be very nice and here is what I found right at Brighton Beach with Phillip Bay just about crossing street, probably the most beautiful place to live in Melbourne, and the name: Seascape! Could not get better than this.

The story is funny because being down under and I supposed to have my mind immersed or somehow myself heavily exposed to sailing or surfing, but, coming from the US I was impacted by the British accent, reazon why I bought a pair of Dr. Martens, which I still wear these days, after 25 years.

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