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Noticia e Informacao contextualizadas
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  • Luís Peazê

At Piccadilly Circus: Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon

At around 13 years old I used to flip a geography book amazed with so many places around the planet and used to ellect the most interesting country´s flag, occasionally changing my mind and replace the winner, the second rank and so on. One day I found a travel book at the local library down South of Brazil and saw the map of Paris and London.

I borrowed that booklet and copied by hand with a paper which used to wrap bread from the local "armazem" and simply decorated the two maps. At school I started to tell my friends I went to Paris and London describing the town, places, stop signs everything I could see on those maps. I also used to collect Western pocket books and tell friends the episodes of gun fights and train robberies as if I was one of the cowboys, but this is another story, you know, kids.

Today I can see that very few things have changed for the major buildings are still the same both in France and England. Could not be different it is only 47 years since, although my searches as a grownup became more complex to understand and amazingly as it can be much more attainable than those childish dreams. It took me though a hardship onshore and out on the ocean, aboard a boat I built in record time with my own hands without prior experience in building nor in sailing, starting from the Tasman Sea through the Great Sand Strait, Barrier Reef, Torres Strait, Carpentaria and Timor Seas. That´s what Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon is all about. A search and many finds.

Find Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon also in Paris

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