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"The" Internet/Webit´s here now, are you?

W3$ the XXI century currency - launched on July 31st, 2010

(new) Monetary Base (new) Monetary System (new) Monetary Order (new) Currency Exchange System (new) World Digital Reserve

“The” W3$ (new) Monetary Base - the reason why:

- The world has evolved to a whole new scenario ever seen, since the so-called Bretton Woods World Meeting; - The monetary base (each and all of them) in place worldwide today faces ongoing severe stress, and the worst of all no one knows until when; - The internet universe is a reality of a unique kind, a digital reality; it is impossible to live without it; unanimously worldwide it has been said that digital inclusion is a must with a one-way ticket; - Thus based on the abovementioned, it is time and there is a strong ground base to bring about a whole new monetary and value exchange scenario;

Fair - Safe - Consistent "new" Monetary System Supported by:

WDRB - World Digital Reserve Bank, a new bank with a “new” Currency Exchange System

RAW SUMMARY The "new" Monetary Order

- The whole idea is:

1 - A robust fund will start up the process, secured by the World Digital Reserve Bank - WDRB;

2 - The WDRB starts rolling the exchange & distribution by lending “credits” of W3$ -- “the” new money -- to internet based business; 3 - The internet-based business then distributes W3$ first borrowed/batch (for free or as a value-added to customers and/or trade) which in turn will start to use it to purchase goods, food, services, etc, all online; 4 - The transactions with the new currency start to develop; 5 - Each transaction with the W3$ will pay a portion of the initial loan abovementioned;

6 - There will have a provisioning procedure and/or means for emergency printing in case of a "catastrophic scenario" such as the WWW fade all of a sudden.

7 - Specific rules will need to be developed for the capital market related to the "phase I, II and III' of the W3$

“The” (new) Monetary Order

PHASE I (limited time)

Once in place and evolving the new money order, new monetary system, and new currency regulated by the WDRB will look like the following:

  • Businesses give away units of W3$ to customers and purchasing of goods & services will start up to take place;

  • Each unit of w3$ is tagged (unlikely any other currency, each unit can be traced all the time);

  • Each unit of w3$ used by customers will pay off the initial loan from the original internet business which took the loan from WDRB;

  • "The" most revolutionary of the W3$ is that each purchase (from an individual or a business), or each unit of the W3$ used to buy things will revert a % of W3$ in credits for future transactions;

  • Businesses with no W3$ in hands will start to accept (buy) purchases with the new W3$ currency


- Where from the WDRB will take W3$ to lend, in the first place?

From a W3$ Fund, based on Gold and/or Credit of Goods, Properties, Letters, etc - Who would start up the whole process and manage the system afterward and on?

A Board of the WDRB formed by the WWW consortium and Founders of the W3$ Fund, in Phase I. For Phase II and III there will need official members of each country. - What would appeal to businesses to join in and accept loans from the W3$ Fund?

Because the strength of the W3$ concept is that it will be paired with the most valuable currency of the moment. It will belong to the Web (like WWW without frontiers), secured by the WDRB. - How ordinary people will be able to use the W3$ out of the Web?

Like with any other currency, thus once an individual gets access, earns, or gets paid by W3$ he/she will need to exchange with other local currency unless he/she buys/pays things over the Internet - which probably will be the only way to purchase anything in the near future.

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The W3$ is a result of assumptions, observations, a lot of reading, and empirical exercise in a permanent “heuristic” mode. The author reserves his right to dream about a whole and true new & fair global society and perhaps find scholars and experts or a selected group of a kind to take the modest milestone herein established onto a serious implementation or, at least, to make it steer up among the general public.

After all, an idea doesn´t bloom out of nothing. Somewhere in the universe a process began and the mystery of life has made this idea planted by someone. Should we believe that we do not own ideas? Because they only have some value when they become reality, what happens when there is only a joint effort of people, and change them into something better...

For instance, the W3$ new system opens up many venues for many constructive roads like to use of "tokenization" and/or NFTs to, for instance, protect the "ocean environment" -- let´s break down a portion of territorial (or international waters) of a said "sea" and monetize it to protect it; let´s monetize the amount of "dump not done", of "littering not discharged"...

This effort of others is for us a learning opportunity, and the best we do immediately is to thank for what we learn. So your contribution is welcome. Thank you Luis Peazê


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