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Australian WoodenBoat Festival, Hobart, Tasmania. She´ll be right, mate!

Atualizado: 18 de ago. de 2023

A couple of friends of mine will attend once again the great unique Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, Tasmania. Some of them are noble characters of my personal life story told in the book "Alvídia - Yet Another Horizon". Then the whole wooden boat world became a piece of my heart and I can´t even hide that since I have built dozen of these contagious babies and every time I touch a piece of wood I get the same feeling. A bit guilty and an extra bit of growing respect for nature as a whole.

Ian Smith is one of them, portrayed

in my book and it was in 1994 when first met him; he still building wooden boats, even as a retired boat builder, in Richmond near Sydney. Then Kaci Cronkhite, known as "the wind woman", the author of Finding Pax, where she describes her epic and poetic finds about a 28-foot double-ended danish wooden boat, Spidsgatter, her home called PAX. I have met Kaci at the Wooden Boat Festival, in Port Townsend, WA, back in 2009, when I was invited to exhibit one of my replicas of the Columbia 11-1/2´ by Nathanael Herreshoff, I named Dinghy Peazê.

I miss all of you, Steven Sulis, John & Dee Degan, Lary, Loyd and Willy (in memorian) Meggy, Bill, Paola, the list goes on...

The atmosphere of the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, Tasmania is one of a kind. Worth to have a pick at its website...

It takes a village to raise a Shipwright

There still exists a fascination with many of the traditional crafts and skills that have defined the art of wooden boat building over centuries. Many of these crafts and skills are on display at the Blundstone Shipwright's Village — showcasing lively demonstrations and sparking even livelier discussions. Steaming planks for bending, manufacturing crayfish pots, intricate rope work, traditional caulking, damage repairs, forge work, and dinghy building are among the myriad of topics which will be presented or demonstrated at the Blundstone Shipwright's Village.


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